Hawkesbury-Nepean Valley Flood Risk Management Strategy

Flooding in the Hawkesbury-Nepean Valley

Social research about flooding in the Hawkesbury-Nepean Valley

Hawkesbury-Nepean Valley Regional Flood Study

A flood study is a technical investigation of the way floods behave within a river catchment andunderpins floodplain management. The aim of a flood study is to define existing flood behaviour, particularly the chance and severity of different sized floods happening. The Regional Flood Study was published in 2019 following a recommendation from the Flood Strategy.

The complete Hawkesbury-Nepean Valley Regional Flood Study report (in 6 pdf volumes) is publicly available on the NSW SES Flood Data Portal.

Community Resilience Program resources

  •  Watch a video showcasing the collaborative approach of the Community Resilience Program



These videos were developed in collaboration with NSW SES and are available through their website. You can also watch them via the links below.

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