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Supporting caravan parks in the Hawkesbury-Nepean become more flood safe

There are around 40 caravan and ski parks across the Hawkesbury-Nepean region, and many have a high flood risk due to their proximity to the river. A project is being delivered to help make caravan and ski parks in the area become more flood resilient.  

Infrastructure NSW, the NSW State Emergency Service (NSW SES), local councils and caravan park managers are working together in this pilot project. Activities include developing park specific flood maps and assisting managers to understand how to interpret flood warnings for their site, and what actions to take to be prepared for, and better respond to, a flood.

This project aims to help these parks better manage their flood risks now and into the future by having up-to-date flood emergency management plans and close working relationships with their local NSW SES units.

The pilot is currently being rolled out with four caravan parks in the Hawkesbury City Council and The Hills Shire Council areas.

This project is an initiative of the NSW Government’s Hawkesbury-Nepean Valley Flood Risk Management Strategy.