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Blackwattle Bay getting pumped for New Sydney Fish Market

Over 100 million litres of water have been pumped from the new Sydney Fish Market site to allow major structural works to begin.

A cofferdam has been built within Blackwattle Bay to create a dry space to safely carry out the work of the main structure of the new Sydney Fish Market. The cofferdam is a swimming pool-type structure, built around the perimeter of the new building.

The draining of the cofferdam is a major engineering feat and an exciting milestone on the progress on the construction of the new Sydney Fish Market.

The new Sydney Fish Market will be within walking distance of Sydney CBD and includes easy access to current and future transport connections.

The new Sydney Fish Market will deliver a waterfront promenade at the head of Blackwattle Bay and is on track to be completed in 2024, creating 6,000sqm of new public domain.