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Contract awarded to develop Pier Pavilion at Barangaroo

It’s full steam ahead for Pier Pavilion at Barangaroo with the main works contract recently awarded to Stephen Edwards Construction. 

Situated on the edge of Watermans Cove, Pier Pavilion is poised to become an iconic destination where people can meet, gather, and relax by the water.

Once operational, this vibrant future landmark will play host to a variety of programmed events in a new communal space that beautifully integrates elements of land, sea and sky.  

Stephen Edwards Construction will bring to life the design created by architects Jessica Spresser and Peter Besley, who won the national Design Competition in 2020. 

Visit the Barangaroo website to learn more about what’s planned for Pier Pavilion.

Credits/images: © SPRESSER, Peter Besley