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NSW Government signs landmark Green Energy Agreement

Infrastructure NSW (INSW) has formalised a state-leading $48 million Green Product Purchase Agreement that marks a significant milestone towards Barangaroo’s emission reduction goals. 

Through this agreement, INSW is engaging an Australian owned and operated renewable energy developer, CleanPeak Energy, to supply Barangaroo with green products over a 25-year period at a fixed and competitive rate. These green products will offset emissions from Barangaroo’s grid-supplied electricity use (also known as Scope 2 emissions). 

Directly contributing to the NSW Government's Net Zero Plan to reduce emissions, grow the economy and contribute to regional employment opportunities, through the Green Product Purchase Agreement, more than four new solar farms will be built in regional NSW.

Barangaroo has a longstanding commitment to being a Climate Positive precinct and is a market-leader in sustainable urban development. 

Earlier this year, Barangaroo received its fourth consecutive carbon neutral certification from the Commonwealth Government's Climate Active program – an internationally recognised standard for emissions reduction.  

By entering into this groundbreaking agreement, Barangaroo has ensured both its carbon neutrality and a sustainable energy future for the long term.

The purchase of green products is funded by levies collected from Barangaroo’s building owners.    

Learn more about the Agreement and other sustainability initiatives in Barangaroo.