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Trends and Insights

To remain effective at shaping how the State’s public sector delivers major public infrastructure, the Infrastructure Investor Assurance Framework (IIAF) must keep evolving. Continuous improvement is critical, and lessons learned play an important role.

Each year, Infrastructure NSW analyses information collected during the IIAF process and provides the NSW Government with a Trends and Insights Report.

The report analyses the performance of the NSW Infrastructure Program of capital projects and programs each year. It assesses the progress made in addressing key drivers of risk and highlights opportunities to further increase the confidence in the successful delivery of a sustainable infrastructure legacy for the people of NSW.

Read the public summary of the full report for 2022.

This is the seventh iteration of the report. Planning and delivery of the infrastructure program has matured over the years, and many Government agencies are successfully leading the delivery of multibillion‑dollar projects and programs.

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