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Release of 2021 progress report against the 10 point commitment

Today, Infrastructure NSW has released the 2021 Progress Report. The report draws on data from 40 major infrastructure projects across NSW and outlines progress against the NSW Government Action Plan: a 10 point commitment to the construction sector (10 Point Commitment).  


The 2021 Report finds that good progress has occurred in the following areas: 

Commitment 1: procuring and managing projects in a more collaborative way? 

  • Project teams continue to use Early Contractor Involvement to de-risk projects through design and to enable more effective use of Design and Construct Contracts where appropriate (where risk allocation is clear).

Commitment 5: reducing the cost of bidding? 

  • Projects have maintained an average of shortlisting 3 bidders per project.

Commitment 7: monitor and reward high performance? 

  • More agencies are using standardised contractual approaches to dispute avoidance and resolution. A bidder’s commitment to collaborative behaviour is also being consistently weighted in the tender evaluation process.?

Commitment 10: increasing industry diversity? 

  • Agencies have continued to work with contractors to measure and report on workforce diversity.
  • Projects are consistently meeting or exceeding Aboriginal participation requirements.


The Report also identifies areas for improvement, including:  

Commitment 2: adopting partnership based approaches to risk allocation? 

  • Reliance remains an issue as there was no substantial improvement in?


Government provided warranties for the factual accuracy of data provided (where geotechnical and other due diligence assisted in reducing risks that are hard to investigate and forecast).?

Commitment 3: standardising contracts and procurement methods? 

  • There is room for improvement in standardising contracts and procurement methods?

Commitment 5: reducing the cost of bidding? 

  • There is room for improvement in time unsuccessful bidders spend on hot standby and?the use of streamlined prequalification schemes.?


In addition to progress at the major project level, the NSW Government Construction Leadership Group aims to further advance initiatives to embed the 10 Point Commitment across all NSW Government infrastructure projects. 


Image supplied by Sydney Metro, Barangaroo Cavern Plenum