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Public Interest Disclosure

In 2022, the NSW Government introduced a new public interest disclosure (PID) legislation in NSW (the PID Act 2022). From 1 October 2023 the PID Act 2022 replaces the Public Interest Disclosures Act 1994 (1994 Act).  

Infrastructure NSW is committed to complying with all its obligations under the PID Act 2022. 

What is a PID?

A report by a public official of suspected or possible wrongdoing in the public sector is a public interest disclosure (PID) if it has certain features set out in the PID Act.  

PID Policy

All agencies must have a public interest disclosure policy under section 42 of the PID Act 2022. 

Read Infrastructure NSW’s PID policy.

More information

If you would like information and advice about the PID Act 2022, please contact the NSW Ombudsman’s PID unit.