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Sydney Football Stadium Redevelopment

Construction of the Sydney Football Stadium (SFS) is complete. Known as ‘Allianz Stadium’, the new venue will be operated by Venues NSW.


The Sydney Football Stadium (SFS), known as Allianz Stadium, is now open to the public.

The $828 million, state-of-the-art stadium near Sydney’s CBD was funded by the NSW Government.

The new stadium was built to meet the future safety and access requirements and boost growth in the Sydney visitor economy.

The project supported around 1,100 jobs on site during peak construction. Over $500 million worth of contracts were awarded to NSW-based businesses.

Infrastructure NSW oversaw the design and delivery process on behalf of the NSW Government. John Holland Group partnered with Aurecon, Cox Architecture and Schlaich Bergermann to deliver the stadium ahead of schedule and on budget.

Project highlights

Designed with the fan experience at heart, the new stadium ensures NSW remains the number one choice for sporting and entertainment events.

The new stadium:

  • with 42,500 undercover seats, closer to the action than ever before, fans can guarantee an amazing day at the stadium, rain, or shine

  • provides visitors shorter wait times with more than 350 food and beverage stations and 1,289 toilets available

  • is accessible to a diverse range of people with different ages, gender, backgrounds, and mobility. The number of female toilets were increased from 113 to 670, and the number of universal access seating from 14 to 747 seats.

  • sets new team facilities, including gender-neutral changerooms allowing double headers of both male and female matches to support the growth of women’s sport.

Advanced sustainable and carbon reducing practices

The new stadium is on track to achieve a US Green Building Council Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) gold rating.

It features solar panels and water harvesting systems on its roof, while its profile reduces the building’s impact on its parkland location.

The stadium roof designed to reflect noise back into the stadium creating an intensive atmosphere and reduce noise pollution for nearby residents.

The public art plan features a significant representation of local Aboriginal stories and place-based narratives. The seating design is created by Tony Albert, illustrating the concept Two Worlds Colliding: Water & Land.

The use of an Aboriginal artwork as the stadium’s seating design is the first of its kind in Australia and one of the largest single Aboriginal artworks in the Southern hemisphere.

The stadium was opened in August 2022 and is operated by Venues NSW.

Did you know?

Some interesting facts about the construction of the Sydney Football Stadium:

  • 40,000m3 of concrete poured (equivalent to 16 Olympic swimming pools)

  • 90,000 sqm of concrete slab poured (the size of about 11 football fields)

  • almost 1,500 piles drilled into the ground to support the structure

  • 10,500 sqm of ‘ready to play’ turf laid

  • 4,000 pieces of steel in the roof, lifted into place by 6 tower cranes and 3 crawler cranes

  • 32,804 bolts used on the roof structure

  • 325 precast concrete panels surround the stadium at the base, totalling 773.5m in length and 1,560t in weight

  • 980 curtain wall bronze-coloured panels that surround the external façade (if placed end to end, the panels would reach longer than 1.7km). 

Who can I contact?

Infrastructure NSW and John Holland would like to thank the local community and neighbours for their support throughout the project.

Please contact Venues NSW for any operational matters:

P: 02 9360 6601